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gourmet dinner club: gluten-free

March 23, 2012 · 2 Comments

For this week’s gluten-free update, I want to share how to throw a successful gluten-free dinner party. Not that I threw the party. It was actually my friend Kari that threw a gluten-free extravaganza for our latest Gourmet Dinner Club.

Even without the gluten, we managed to create an amazing meal that left us all very satisfied. No one left hungry.

So, how does one throw a gluten-free dinner party? I think it’s best I use my camera to do most of the talking.

Open wine, stat. It sets the mood you know.

When it’s 70 degrees in the middle of March in MN, you move the drinks and apps outside. Yes, those are goat cheese stuffed figs wrapped in bacon. Everyone should have one.

Special guest at the party – Kari’s new Italian Greyhound, Indie.

Cashew hummus with yellow carrots (yellow carrots!) and crispy brown rice tortillas. Such an interesting and creamy version of hummus. I loved the sweetness of the cashews.

The blogger in the bunch was ‘forced’ to actually be in a photo. Did you know I cut my hair?

Indie greeted each guest with enthusiasm.

A delicious tomato soup (totally tooting my own horn) garnished with smokehouse Almond Thins and roasted tomatoes. The only thing I added to the linked recipe is some chili flakes for a little heat. Really good!

We find taking singing breaks are really important to a successful GDC.

Kari made us work for our oysters. I never did get one shucked. Man, would I suck at Top Chef.

The oyster was a garnish for a cauliflower horseradish panna cotta type dish. Yep, that’s caviar on top. It’s how we roll. Such a rich and fascinating flavor. It took us all awhile to figure out there was horseradish in it. So unexpected!

Pan-fried Rockfish using gluten-free breadcrumbs. You would have no idea they were gluten-free. Pan fried to perfection.


You know there was homemade tartar sauce.

A beautiful and delicious quinoa salad to go with our fish. Liza added mango to the recipe which was amazing! Liza had never cooked with quinoa before (I know!) and followed this method for cooking.

Mike’s been a bit stressed lately (for fun reasons) so he opted to bring a dessert garnish for dinner. The coconut milk ice cream was pretty darn fantastic.

The presentation prep and the final product of one amazing flourless chocolate cake. I cannot imagine a better way to end a meal. Henriet knocked it out of the park with this cake topped with a berry marscapone cream.



This group always comes up with an amazing meal and not being able to use gluten did not hinder our success. This happened to be my meal the night before the Get Lucky 7k. Complete with wine. Who knows if it helped me run the race I did or prevented me from running faster. Either way, I think it was the perfect way to spend the evening.

Been to a dinner party lately? Tell me about it! 


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