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food truck taste-a-thon

August 5, 2011 · 5 Comments

Thursday night I attended the Food Truck Taste-a-thon at the Kindred Kitchen in North Minneapolis. The event was a fundraiser for Kindred Kitchen and Catalyst Community Partners.

Have you heard of Kindred Kitchen? They are awesome. The call themselves a food business incubator. They provide entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to grow their business. Tools like a certified kitchen to prepare food for say a food truck or catering business. Tools like how to get licensed and certified to sell and prepare food.  Tools like how to get insured. It’s really super cool. Both the Heavy Table and Simple Good and Tasty wrote a great article about them that I encourage you to check out.

Catalyst Community Partners is a non-profit whose sole mission is to revitalize key commercial corridors in urban neighborhoods. West Broadway in Minneapolis is one of them. Kindred Kitchen was one of their projects. Cool, huh?

I became familiar with this project through my new co-worker, Joni. She came from Catalyst and Kindred Kitchen was her baby. It was so cool to see something she worked so hard on. Joni is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. When you see her show off something that means so much to her, it’s magic. You can’t help but get inspired.

I love the whole concept of this kitchen and that it’s helping so many local businesses get off the ground.

They help people like Amy who is launching the Dipp Shop. She has been taking classes at Kindred Kitchen to get her ‘cake lolli pops’ into people’s mouths.

They were adorable! She tells me they are the new ‘cupcake’. Since I was never really on the cupcake bandwagon, I’m totally getting on this one. It’s essentially a lolli-pop but made out of cake. Cool!

One of the food vendors at the event, was the El-Amin Fish House, which is just down the street. They had their specialties of fried catfish, spaghetti and coleslaw.

And it was served with a smile.

I must say, the fried catfish was really tasty. I heard multiple people comment about the crispiness…as in crispy goodness. People also really got into the spaghetti….

(I love this photo and the funky light that comes with it. How cute is she?)

There were three food trucks that provided food at the event: Vellee Deli, Nate Dog’s and Simply Steves.  They each use Kindred Kitchen to prepare their food.

I had a great pork taco with a perfectly crunchy slaw at Velle Deli.


Vellee Deli is a mexican-asian fustion truck. I loved that he was serving fresh cocount water…straight from the coconut!

Next up – a hand made black been burger from Simply Steve’s.

I learned that Steve has cooked just about everywhere in the Twin Cities. He decided to start a food truck when he needed something new to do. I like it Steve. And I LOVED the burger.

On to Natedogs.

Can I just say that I love that he calls them wieners? I still cannot say the word without snickering. I’m sorry. I’m really 12 years old.


Nate is very picky about his ingredients….in a good way. He sources his meat from one local farm (for the wieners), buys local onions whenever he can (for the fantastic caramelized onions), and makes his own mustard…with Surly beer. Hello? Can we say awesome?

Nate was a super cool guy who was thrilled to tell me about his dogs (or wieners) and how he ate 8 foot-longs at the state fair. I’ll forgive him for that because he has great fashion sense.

And this mainly vegan really liked his wiener.


There was also beer there…if you’re into that kind of thing.


I thought this was a great event that brought together different groups of people to see all the cool things that are happening along West Broadway. Kindred Kitchen has been absolutely essential for the food trucks. And food trucks are all the rage!


I would visit all of these trucks again, especially now that I know their stories. I love a good story. Between theirs and the story of Kindred Kitchen, it was an excellent evening.


***Note: If you go to the the food truck’s web site and/or follow them on twitter, you’ll be able to see where you can find them during the week. 

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